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Rope disambiguation Wikipedia.
John Rope 1855 or 18631944, White Mountain Apache clan leader and Apache scout. Margaret Agnes Rope 18821953, English stained glass artist cousin of M E Aldrich Rope. Aldrich Rope 18911988, English stained glass artist cousin of Margaret Agnes Rope. Other uses edit.
Rope film Wikipedia.
Hitchcock" could have chosen a more entertaining subject with which to use the arresting camera and staging technique displayed in Rope The continuous action and the extremely mobile camera are technical features of which industry craftsmen will make much, but to the layman audience effect is of a distracting interest" 25.
Rope - Wikipedia.
Rayon is a regenerated fibre used to make decorative rope. The twist of the strands in a twisted or braided rope serves not only to keep a rope together, but enables the rope to more evenly distribute tension among the individual strands.
Canyon Ropes SterlingRope.com.
Our newly updated line of canyon ropes has been informed by extensive in-use testing. The world's' most advanced canyon rope features 4 distinct fiber types. A 100% polyester value rope designed specifically for canyoneering. Designed specifically for wet canyoneering conditions.

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