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Gothic Definition of Gothic by Merriam-Webster.
2: Gothic art style or decoration specifically: the Gothic architectural style. 3: the East Germanic language of the Goths see Indo-European Languages Table. 4 often not capitalized: a novel, film, or play in the gothic style. Other Words from Gothic.
Gothic Wikipedia.
Gothic language, an extinct East Germanic language spoken by the Goths. Crimean Gothic, the Gothic language spoken by the Crimean Goths, also extinct. Gothic alphabet, one of the alphabets used to write the Gothic language. Gothic Unicode block, a collection of Unicode characters of the Gothic alphabet.
Gothic Wiktionary.
Murphy, The Dark Angel: Gothic Elements in Shelley's' Works, Bucknell University Press ISBN, page 9: Shelley's' two early novels Zastrozzi and St. Irvyne are, as many scholars have noted, obviously connected to the tradition of the Gothic novel; as well, two volumes of early poetry contain Gothic elements and his tragedy The Cenci has been.

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